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My training philosophy is...

  • To empower my clients with confidence and knowledge to successfully train their dogs.
  • To educate my clients on how to communicate through body language and energy; the way dogs communicate with each other.
  • To honor who your dog is and to fulfill him/her through leadership/parenting, exercise (physical, mental, and social) and discipline.

I believe....

  • Leadership does not require being a dominant, alpha, bully forcing a dog to comply out of pain or fear.
  • Being calmer, in control, confident and positive will get you better results than yelling or using harsh methods in order to obtain compliance.

My training methods include...
  • Motivating a dog to comply to commands with positive rewards such as treats, affection, a game of fetch, or a belly rub (whatever is highly valuable to your dog!).
  • Using body language and positive energy to communicate.
  • Educating owners on how to respond to dogs' various stimuli in various situations.

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